What is the QUEST study?

The QUEST study is the largest global cardiology study of its kind ever conducted in veterinary medicine - lasting 3 years, and following 260 dogs. It is a multi-centre, prospective, randomised, blinded study.

The map below shows the location of investigators:

Study locations

The study was designed and run by 32 independent leading cardiologists at 28 centres in 11 different countries. The protocol was independent, the statistical analyses were independent, and the investigators were guaranteed the right to publish irrespective of outcome.

Australian QUEST Investigator

Dr Brad Gavaghan

Respected Australian Veterinary Cardiologist, Dr Brad Gavaghan led Australia's involvement in the largest ever global canine study. Dr Gavaghan, director of Veterinary Cardiology and Imaging (Brisbane), commented:

"...the size of the QUEST study and the participation of some of the world's leading cardiology experts illustrates the vital importance of this research in helping the veterinary profession select future treatment regimes."

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