What question did the study seek to answer?

The QUEST study recruited 260 client-owned dogs who were suffering form congestive heart failure caused by naturally occuring Mitral Valve Disease (MVD). The investigators sought to answer the question:

Which therapy, Vetmedin® or benazepril (in addition to furosemide), leads to greater prolongation of survival*?

Dogs recruited into the study were randomised into two groups; one receiving Vetmedin® (pimobendan) plus furosemide, the other receiving benazepril hydrochloride plus furosemide. Both test treatments were given according to the manufacturer's dose recommendation. Dogs were then regularly followed up by their investigator, and were followed through to the endpoint of cardiac death, euthanasia for cardiac reasons or treatment failure.

*Survival was defined as the composite endpoint of cardiac death, euthanasia due to heart failure or treatment failure.

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