Don't let Heart Disease get your dog down

If your dog has been diagnosed with heart disease, there is no need to feel down-hearted. With your care and suitable medication from your Vet, a better, longer life for your dog is now achievable.

Just like a person, a healthy dog is a happier, more playful, and more appreciative companion. As long as its heart is healthy, your dog can probably look forward to many happy years together with you - so it's important for you to make sure that your dog's heart is in top-notch condition.

Heart disease affects 25% of dogs over seven years old. The good news is that if problems are diagnosed early and proper treatment given, a dog with heart disease can live a longer, fuller life.

That's where your vet plays a role. Schedule regular check ups with your vet. If you suspect that your dog has a health issue of any kind, or you notice that your dog hasn't been acting normally, see your local Vet.

This website contains information for dog owners about how a healthy canine heart functions, the causes and treatment of heart disease in dogs. The advice of a veternarian should always be sought if you suspect that your pet has a health issue of any kind.

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